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Readers Respond: Do You Know The Names of Other Famous Works?

Responses: 64


There are thousands upon thousands of classical works in existence, and it's nearly impossible to remember their names. Even I can't name them all! Here's a great place to post the names of those famous classical songs you know. It's almost a guarantee that someone else is frantically trying to identify that piece! Name that Classical Music

spanish? waltz

There is a song, maybe spanish not sure. "Dun! ..... da-da-dun, da da dun, da-da-dun, da da dun..." and maybe some "click click" in the background, and strings do the waltz tempo.. I know it's not much to go on. Its a familiar piece
—Guest Aaron


I have a pit of problem that I've heard a very Small part of classical music mostly orchestral music but i didn't catch full name of it, the part i now it was " fields of ...." but I've search all over the internet but didn't succeed to find it, it was during beginning of 90's. can you help me
—Guest Fady Haddad


I heard this song in a video and really want to know what its called. Heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqA8qgm_3Es it starts at 3:39
—Guest Xavier

Thieving magpie

Thieving magpie by rossini is used in a clockwork orange, sherlock. It is a beautiful piece.
—Guest Utkarsh

William Tell Overture

It's the Lone Ranger Chase Song. (Often used for races/chases)
—Guest CY

best queen of the night

Edda Moser is the best queen of the night of all so far.
—Guest k iyo yafuso

Montagues And Capulets

Dance Of The Knights better know as Montagues and Capulets from Sergei Prokofiev's "Romeo And Juliet".
—Guest Ralphie

A lot that songs i know

Dance of the sugar plum fairy, sleeping beauty and dance of the reeds,Dmitri Shostakovich - the second waltz, Beethoven's 5th symphony, william tell overture, sabre dance, can-can, minuetto, the entertainer, maple leaf rag and rhapsody, Julius fucik, Anvil chorus,Sorcerer's apprentice, aquarium, danse macabre, new world symphony 4th movement, moonlight sonata (3 movements),les toreadors from Carmen, in the hall of the mountain king, o furtuna, dies irae, ride of the valkyries, barber of serville overture, flight of the bumblebee,nocturne op. 9-2, night on the bald/bare mountain. I can still name a lot more songs if i get a positive response from you, guys. Also, in this list you are bound to know one song at least. Have fun listening and i hope i have been usefull.
—Guest Steven


http://www.manuelcontreras.com/index need the name of the guitar piece on homepage of manuel contreras
—Guest selver

The Aristocats Movie

HELP if anyone knows this please, what is the piece of music called that plays on the radio in the disney movie 'The Aristocats' when the old lawyer (Georges) and Madame are dancing upstairs???


By Gabriel Faure. It became my favourite piece the first time I heard it.
—Guest FWEA

The nameeee

So I have been playing the violin for years now & recently I heard a piece online that did not have a name && I really want to know the name so I can play the piece. Here is the link:http://archive.org/details/ViolinSolo. Please email or respond if you know the name. Thank You!
—Guest Daniela


what is the name of a famous pice of classical music that is played before the start of a wedding. Always hear this in films
—Guest dawn

Back to Vienna

The wonderful Die Fledermaus' overture by Johann Strauss II definitely should not be missed...!
—Guest Devin

Please help

can anyone please tell me the the classical piece of music that was in an old advert that feat a blue flower, i think it was in the 90's or towards the end, as i love this and would love my wife to be to walk down to this during our wedding, i only have until tomorrow morning to find out and i have looked everywhere. Please help
—Guest marcus

Name that Classical Music

Do You Know The Names of Other Famous Works?

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