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Readers Respond: Do You Know The Names of Other Famous Works?

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There are thousands upon thousands of classical works in existence, and it's nearly impossible to remember their names. Even I can't name them all! Here's a great place to post the names of those famous classical songs you know. It's almost a guarantee that someone else is frantically trying to identify that piece!

Song needs identifying please!!

So there is a song(ending) which Lang Lang plays at the end of this interview. I must know what the song is..I've been searching for days!! http://youtu.be/UcKMfhnw2nE?t=8m50s
—Guest Andrew C

Fantasia pieces

And naturally we can't forget Dance of the Hours! (The ballerina hippos!!!). But I think when I was a kid words were added to it. "Hello mudder. Hello fadder...." Remember??? Lol
—Guest Miss Mimi

Toccata en Fugue

Toccata en Fugue? This has been played in countless movies. Maybe it was played in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea while Captain Nemo was playing the organ.....or in an old Bela Lugosi movie.
—Guest Miss Mimi

6 part mozart

I would like for you to identify a piece by it's score. Could I email it to you? I'm pretty sure it is by Mozart; a 6-part piece. please send me an email address to send it to....thank you

spanish? waltz

There is a song, maybe spanish not sure. "Dun! ..... da-da-dun, da da dun, da-da-dun, da da dun..." and maybe some "click click" in the background, and strings do the waltz tempo.. I know it's not much to go on. Its a familiar piece
—Guest Aaron


I have a pit of problem that I've heard a very Small part of classical music mostly orchestral music but i didn't catch full name of it, the part i now it was " fields of ...." but I've search all over the internet but didn't succeed to find it, it was during beginning of 90's. can you help me
—Guest Fady Haddad

Toccata and Fugue

Toccata and Fugue should've been on the list. It appeared in countless pieces like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Supernatural, Castle, Bleach, etc
—Guest Rifat


track 34 - variation - el efecto mozart!!!! İ CANT FİND THİS SONG'S NAME PLEASE HELP ME BECAUSE İT İS MY FAVOURİTE
—Guest MOZART?

Beethoven, Symphony 3

I think you did a mistake there. The funeral's march is mov 2 of 3rd not in the 7th symphony.
—Guest s

Circus music

The music that you usually hear in circuses is called The Entrance of the Gladiators. It's quite famous, but it's rather sad that many people don't know the name of it.
—Guest Bach

Edvard Grieg

What about the most commonly used song in movies, Morning Mood? I wonder why it's not on this list.
—Guest Bach

What about these?

What about the beautiful first movement of the Beethoven 'Moonlight' Sonara, and how can we possibly omit the beloved and immortal Canon in D by Pachelbel? It guest got attention in the movie 'Ordinary People' and descended from there to a Sylvania light bulb commercial. It is the quintessential piece being played in every wedding scene in movies and on TV and in real life!
—Guest Jimthefingers

Chopin Op 18 No 1

Any volume of the Chopin Waltzes will contain this waltz. It is so loved that it is probaly available in single print. I would try www.sheetmusic.com, if I were you.
—Guest Jimthefingers

Big city music

Without even hearing it I'll bet you are looking for the composition 'An American in Paris' by George Gershwin.
—Guest Jimthefingers


Gentlemen, I would like to know the title of the classic piece which is at the background to one of the movies.The composer is most probably Rimsky Korsakov . you may download the file from the following link: http://www.2shared.com/audio/CPUzcAEG/1_online.html

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