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Verdi's Caro Nome Lyrics Text and English Translation

fom Verdi's Rigoletto


Composed between 1850 and 1851, Verdi's Rigoletto is a twisted tale of lust, desire, love, and deceit. Read the full Rigoletto synopsis to see how this aria fits within the opera's context.

Caro Nome Lyrics and Translation
Italian Text

Caro nome che il mio cor
festi primo palpitar,
le delizie dell'amor
mi dêi sempre rammentar!
Col pensiero il mio desir
a te ognora volerà,
e pur l' ultimo sospir,
caro nome, tuo sarà.

English Translation

Sweet name, you who made my heart
throb for the first time,
you must always remind me
the pleasures of love!
My desire will fly to you
on the wings of thought
and my last breath
will be yours, my beloved.

Translation by Guia K. Monti

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