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A Profile of the Aria "Habanera"





Georges Bizet

Habanera Lyrics and Translation:

Bizet's famous aria, the Habanera, from his opera, Carmen, was written by Henry Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy. Learn the Habanera lyrics and text translation.

Interesting Habanera Facts:

The Creation of the Habanera:

In 1872, while in Paris, France, Georges Bizet was commissioned to write an opera. The result was the opera, Carmen. Bizet based the new opera on the novel with the same title by author Prosper Mérimée. Read the Carmen synopsis. The scene of Carmen takes place in Seville, Spain during the mid 19th century. Habanera literally means a "Havanan dance." Originating in Cuba's capitol, Havana, in the late 19th Century, the musical style spread throughout the Spanish colonies and captivated European composers, and Bizet intelligently incorporated the style of music into his opera.

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