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Classical Music Halloween Concerts

Halloween classical music concerts are a great way to introduce children to classical music. Often, children are encouraged to come in costumes. With petting zoos, trick-o-treating, and great music, these concerts are sure to be great fun for the family. Learn more about these classical music Halloween events!

Classical Music Halloween Concerts of 2012
This year's list of classical music Halloween concerts features great classical music for the whole family.

Classical Music Halloween Concerts of 2011
Who says classical music is boring? Taking your children to a classical music halloween performance is a great way to introduce them to classical music. Many of the 2011 halloween performances encourage children to dress in costume for prizes and candy, as well as feature other kid-friendly activities.

2009 Halloween Classical Music Concerts
Gather your family and get your children in their costumes, because it's that time of year again! Symphony orchestras all over the US are preparing spooktacular Halloween concerts with scary music and activities for the kids. Below, you'll find a listing of these exciting Halloween classical music concerts.

Halloween Classical Music Concerts
Halloween classical music concerts are fun for everyone. What would be more fun to see than the musicians dressed up in halloween costumes playing spooky classical music? Here are several halloween classical music concerts you can attend this year.

Classical Music Halloween Concerts of 2006
Introducing classical music to your children at an early age can have a great and positive effect on their musical interests. With Halloween around the corner, what could be a more fun way to do that than to take them to a Classical Music Halloween performance?

Five Exciting Classical Music Concerts for Halloween 2007
Here are five exciting Classical Music concerts for Halloween 2007 to which to take your family and have a great time!

Classical Music Halloween Concerts, 2008
Classical music Halloween concerts are a great way to introduce your children to the wonderful world of classical music. Many concert hall's present matinee performances of spooky music often dressed in Halloween costumes. Many orchestra's include games and activities before and after the concerts including face painting, petting zoos, and...

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