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Classical Period - Music from 1750 to 1820

The classical period is defined by structure, most notably sonata form. These resources will help you discover the origin, composers, forms and repertoire of the classical period and why it was so important in the world of music.
  1. Classical Period Symphonies (2)

Top 10 Mozart Recordings
If you've looked, there is an extensive library of Mozart recordings. Here are my top 10 Mozart recordings.

Top Classical Period Composers
Spanning seventy years, the classical period is a time when composers began pulling in the reigns of the many baroque period musical styles by creating strict compositional "rules and regulations." Yet within their rigidity, great composers like Haydn and Mozart were able to create some of the greatest classical music the world has ever...

Interesting Tidbits about Mozart's Opera, Idomeneo
Learn an interesting tidbit about one of Mozart's great operas, Idomeneo.

Quintessential Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the greatest classical composers of all time, yet there are many people unfamiliar with his works. This list of quintessential music by Mozart is sure to help the beginner expand their musical horizon.

Classical Period Music - Style Analysis
This site offers an in-depth analysis of the Classical Period along with its popular composers.

Classical Music Media
Find classical music radio stations, composer timelines, record companies, musical terms, and more.

Historical Context of Classical Period Music
This site gives a brief description of the Classical Period.

The Classical or Viennese Period
A description of the Classical Period with composer biographies.

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