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"Sempre Libera" Lyrics and Text Translation

Violetta's Aria from Verdi's La Traviata


Giuseppe Verdi
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Finishing Act I in Verdi's beloved opera, La Traviata, is Violetta's aria, "Sempre Libera." Though there are many great singers of this role, here's a YouTube video of Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazon singing this famous aria. Follow along (or sing if you want to) using the Italian lyrics and English translation below!

Italian Text
Sempre libera degg´io
folleggiare di gioia in gioia,
vo´che scorra il viver mio
pei sentieri del piacer.
Nasca il giorno, o il giorno muoia,
sempre lieta ne´ ritrovi,
a diletti sempre nuovi
dee volare il mio pensier

Amor è palpito dell´universo intero,
misterioso, altero,
croce e delizia al cor.

Oh! Oh! Amore!
Follie! Gioir!

English Translation
Free and aimless I frolic
From joy to joy,
Flowing along the surface
of life's path as I please.
As the day is born,
Or as the day dies,
Happily I turn to the new delights
That make my spirit soar.

Love is a heartbeat throughout the universe,
mysterious, altering,
the torment and delight of my heart.

Oh! Oh! Love!
Madness! Euphoria!

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