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"O messager de Dieu" Lyrics and Translation

Thais' Aria from Massenet's Opera, Thais


Sung in the first scene of the third act, Thais and Athanael stop at an oasis near the convent after traveling a great distance across the desert. At first, Athanael disregards Thais' request to rest longer, telling her that her pain is payment for her past sins. It isn't until Athanael sees her feet that he finally shows compassion towards her and he fetches her a pitcher of water. Thais, despite the pain of her swollen and bloody feet, and Athanael's rudeness, is thankful to him for bringing her to salvation. Read the full synopsis of Thais to learn the opera's full story.

YouTube Videos of "O messaged de Dieu"

  • Renee Fleming - The Met 2009
    Renee Fleming is absolutely radiant as Thais. Following her aria, she is joined in a duet by Thomas Hampson in this clip.
French Lyrics
O messager de Dieu, si bon dans ta rudesse,
Sois béni, toi qui m'as ouvert le ciel!
Ma chair saigne, et mon âme est pleine d'allégresse,
Un air léger baigne mon front brûlant.
Plus fraîche que l'eau de la source,
Plus douce qu'un rayon de miel,
Ta pensée est en moi suave et salutaire et mon esprit,
Dégagé de la terre plane déjà dans cette immensité!
Très vénéré père, sois béni!

English Translation
O Messenger of God, so kind in your rudeness,
Be blessed, thou hast opened heaven!
My flesh bleeds, but my soul is full of joy,
A light air bathes my burning forehead.
Cooler than the water source,
Sweeter than the honeycomb,
Your thought is sweet and wholesome to me and my spirit
Clear the flat land already in this immensity!
Highly revered father, bless you!

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