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Classical Music in Movies and Television

Have you ever heard a song from a movie and thought "I want that song, but how do I find out what it is and where can I get it"? These resources will show you a way to get your hands on the classical music you hear in movies and on TV.

10 Popular Works Used in the Movies
These known, but unknown works are used extensively in the movies. You can sing them, but many people can't name them! Learn more about these classical works used in the movies.

Video Game Music
Video game music is becoming increasingly popular among today's youth. It's no surprise as video games continue to evolve with enhanced software, lifelike computer graphic imagery, and surround sound.

Top 10 Best Original Film Soundtracks
Top 10 Best Original Film Soundtracks include works by Thomas Newman, Howard Shore, and Harry Gregson-Williams.

Classical and Opera Music used in Movies
This large website boasts an extremely large collection of movie titles and classical music works. With a growing database, what you may not find now, you may be able to find later.

Classical Theme Music in Radio, TV and Film
This site is not just for finding classical music in film, but also in TV and radio.

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