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A Beginners Guide to Classical Music


Learn the basics of classical music including tips on how to find the music you've heard in the media, as well as recommended albums for beginners.
  1. Introduction to Classical Music
  2. Classical Music FAQs
  3. Recommended Classical Music CDs and Playlists
  4. Aria Translations
  5. Classical Music Glossary

Introduction to Classical Music

Get yourself familiar with classical music, its popular composers, famous concert halls, and tips on finding music you've heard on television and movies.

Classical Music FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about some of classical music's most popular styles of music.

Recommended Classical Music CDs and Playlists

Recommended Classical Music CDs

New to classical music? Or are you on the hunt for new classical music to add to your music library? I know it can be a difficult task, but I'm here to make things a little bit easier for you. The music listed here is absolutely fantastic.

Aria Translations

Aria Lyrics and Translations

While most opera houses now offer lyrics and translations of their operas and oratorios, there are some companies that do not. So, for those of you who live near the companies who do not display them, here are handful of lyrics from popular arias as well as their English translations.

Classical Music Glossary

Classical Music Glossary

Part of the reason why classical music can be somewhat difficult to learn is because there is quite a bit of terminology one must understand. From trios to quartets, and movements to symphonies, here are some of classical music's most basic and widely used terms.

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