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Christmas Album Reviews

With the thousands of Christmas albums available in the market today, which ones are worth purchasing? Let these classical Christmas music reviews help you!

Favorite Christmas Music
Christmas albums are a dime a dozen, but here are a handful of highly rated Christmas music CDs worth owning.

The Birth of Christ
Andrew T. Miller's The Birth of Christ - A Christmas Cantata is a radiant and vibrant musical work both enlightening and inspirational. Learn more about this classical music CD in this review.

Top 5 Classical Music Christmas CDs
Almost every popular recording artist has a Christmas album, and almost everyone owns one. But do you own a classical music Christmas CD? Classical music Christmas CD's are great to play while celebrating the holiday. This year, add a symphonic Christmas album (or choir or brass) to your holiday traditions and playlists!

Snowcarols - Christmas Music by William Ferris
With only a few tracks invoking the spirit of Christmas, Snowcarols falls short of delivering warm and inviting music to a holiday so ingrained with tradition.

The Ultimate Classical Christmas
Though I wouldn't go so far as calling this album the "Ultimate" classical Christmas CD, from the smooth jazz of the Wynton Marsalis Septet to the lush and melodious voice of Marilyn Horne, you'll find a great variety of music on this Christmas CD.

This Christmas with Imani Winds
As the press release stated, this is not your typical "sit-by-the-fireside holiday CD." The majority of the Christmas songs on "This Christmas with Imani Winds" are upbeat jazz renditions. Apart from a couple of exquisite arrangements, this Christmas album may disappoint more than delight. Though I would not go as far as saying the album is bad by any means, it's just... okay.

Ralph Vaughan Williams "Fantasia on Christmas Carols"
Here's a piece of Christmas classical music rarely performed. Learn about Vaughan Williams' "Fantasia on Christmas Carols."

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