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Top 10 Yo-Yo Ma Albums


Yo-Yo Ma boasts an incredibly large library of repertoire , so it can be hard to choose which album you should buy (unless you have the option of buying them all). Yo-Yo Ma is truly talented in all types of music; none of his crossover albums have ever failed. This top ten list of Yo-Yo Ma albums provides a wide field of musical styles from which to choose.

1. Classic Yo-Yo

This “best of” Yo-Yo Ma album is amazing, and by amazing, I mean incredible! His superb musicality and talent allow him to crossover into any genre with remarkable ease. If you are just “skimming the surface” of Yo-Yo Ma's music, I suggest you buy this CD. With songs like the theme from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", 1B from "Appalachian Journey", and Libertango from "Soul of Tango" (no. 8 on this list), it’s a perfect doorway into the musical world of Yo-Yo Ma.
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2. Simply Baroque II

If you love the Baroque period, you’ll love this CD. Yo-Yo Ma delivers yet again, a flawless performance of perfectly balanced and playful pieces by Bach and Boccherini. The smooth lines that Yo-Yo Ma plays in songs such as “Hunting Cantata” and “Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme” are a sure fire way to rid stress any day.
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3. Obrigado Brazil

Melt away in the lush Brazilian melodies while sipping a cup of hot coco or tea and dream of paradise. Yo-Yo Ma collaborated and performed with other high caliber artists to create this masterful CD. Although Yo-Yo Ma is on the cover, artists such as Rosa Passos and Sergio and Odair Assad take center stage in several songs. It is said that Yo-Yo Ma’s heartfelt musicianship brings out the best in others; this CD holds true to that saying.
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4. Bach: Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites

No classical music collection is complete without this CD. Yo-Yo Ma brilliantly brings to life the flowing melodies Bach so masterfully created. My favorite piece, and perhaps the most famous, is No. 1 in G Major - Prelude; there is only one word to describe it – perfect. It’s Yo-Yo Ma in his purest form.
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5. Made in America

Unlike the first four albums, this CD shows a different side of Yo-Yo Ma. The pieces by Charles Ives and Leon Kirchner are dissonant and tense. If you are not a fan of that type of music, don’t worry. Also on this album are the very famous Three Preludes for Piano by George Gershwin and two clarinet sonatas by Leonard Bernstein.
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6. Great Cello Concertos

If you are looking for large classical works, this is the right CD for you. Yo-Yo Ma plays the works of Haydn, Saint-Saëns, Schumann, Dvorak, and Elgar with the English Chamber Orchestra, Orchestre National d'Ile de France, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and the London Symphony Orchestra respectively. Yo-Yo Ma’s heartfelt performance is breathtaking.
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7. Brahms: Sonatas for Cello & Piano

Yo-Yo Ma teams up with pianist Emmanuel Ax to create this lovely CD. The album consists of three sonatas, op. 38, op. 99, and op. 108. Both Yo-Yo Ma and Emmanuel Ax work delightfully well together to bring the music of Brahms to life. Their extraordinary talent is apparent throughout the entire CD; there is never a dull moment.
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8. Soul of Tango - The Music of Astor Piazzolla

Want to take a break from classical music? Yo-Yo Ma does in this unbelievably fun album. The traditional tango music by internationally known, Astor Piazzolla, is a mix of jazz and classical style. The first track, Libertango, is sure to get you dancing no matter where you are; its smooth lines will give you goose-bumps.
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9. Silk Road Journey: When Strangers Meet

Yo-Yo Ma takes his talent to new heights. He explores and experiments with songs from countries along the ancient silk trade routes – from China to the Middle East to Northern Europe. The perfect blend and balance of each piece is a testament to Yo-Yo Ma’s artistry as well as the artistry of those with whom he collaborated.
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10. Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone

Yo-Yo Ma and Ennio Morricone join together to recreate the beautiful music Morricone is famous for. He has composed over a hundred film scores, most notably “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” “Once Upon a Time in America,” and “The Untouchables.” Whether you are a diehard fan of any of these movies or have never seen them, this CD will not let you down.
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