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American Songs

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


American Songs

American Songs

Cedille Records

The Bottom Line

American Songs is a collection of music from twelve different American composers (all are still living), chosen in part by soprano, Patrice Michaels. Her passion and love for American art song is present throughout the album. Her voice fits the music superbly. On the album, you'll find a variety of works in different compositional styles, including jazz and post-romanticism. If you love art song, you will no doubt love American Songs.


  • Songs written and arranged by American composers
  • Patrice Michaels has a beautiful, lyrical voice
  • Variety of art songs
  • World premier recordings


  • If you're not a fan of art song, then you may want to pass on this album.


  • Released: October 2006, Cedille Records
  • 1 Disk, 27 tracks
  • Total Play Time: 72:36

Guide Review - American Songs

While listening to the album, I feel as though I am sitting front row at Patrice Michaels' voice recital. Her musical selections and their order constantly keep me engaged in her performance. While no song outshines the other, the album as a whole is spectacular. With familiar songs like "O del mio dolce ardor" arranged by Laurie Altman, you'll find these modern American renditions full of body and flavor. Like I said, Michaels sings each song with passion and intensity. Likewise, pianist Elizabeth Buccheri plays with vibrance and conviction.

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