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Computer Animated Music


Animusic is an exciting and imaginative performance of music on virtual instruments. The music may not be considered as "classical" now, but in a few hundred years, who knows? I first learned about Animusic while watching PBS, as most of you likely have. It was captivating! The music was beautiful and the imagery was unlike anything I've ever seen. If you are unfamiliar with Animusic, don't worry. Here are a few videos from Youtube.com. Animusic was created by Wayne Lytle over twenty-five years ago. What began as a small vision has turned into a huge success. Lytle's dream of synchronizing music and computer generated imagery became realized in 1989, when he first began working on the music and animation. His first full-length animation titled "Bells and Whistles" was produced in 1990. One year later, Lytle received an award from IBM for his work in computer animated music. In 1995, Lytle hired David Crognale to help produce computer animated music for a commercial business. Since then, the duo have been working non-stop creating and running Animusic. Lytle and Crognal design the virtual instruments, their movements, colors, and textures, write the music, and create the software that synchronizes the virtual instruments to the MIDI music they compose. Like I said before, they also run the entire business! After their first DVD, Animusic 1 (2001), both men took an extended break. And after completing Animusic 2 (2005), Crognale took time off, but Lytle began redesigning the core of their software from the ground up. In 2007, production of the third installment of Animusic began. There is no scheduled release date for Animusic 3, but they have stated as soon as they know, they will not keep it a secret. So far, Animusic has sold over 400,000 copies of its first two DVD's.

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