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Baroque Period - Music from 1600 to 1750

Known for its inconsistency, the Baroque Period encompasses the use of basso continuo, degrees of ornamentation, self-expression, open forms, and the formation of counterpoint. You will find that, although the music of the Baroque Period shares the same genre title, the difference between pieces can be quite astounding.

Handel's Messiah - HWV 56 (1741)
Composed in 1741, Handel's Messiah has become Handel's most famous work. Learn more about Messiah in this classical music profile.

Lyrics and Excerpts of Handel's Messiah
Discover the wonderful music and biblical lyrics from Handel's baroque period masterpiece, Messiah.

Top 10 Baroque Period Composers
The Top 10 Baroque Period Composers. From Bach to Monteverdi, see where your favorite Baroque composers rank.

Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Notes on Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons
Notes and historical information on Vivaldi's Four Seasons, including Vivaldi's Sonnet texts.

The Wonderful World of Baroque Music
A great place for any beginner to start, this site offers composer biographies, Baroque Period history, music samples, interesting articles, and more.

The Baroque Period
This site features a great summary of baroque charachteristics, indepth analysis, and national styles. Also included on the site are brief composer biographies.

Baroque Composers and Musicians
Another resource covering the history of the Baroque Period, its composers, and musicians. This content is also divided by nationality.

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